Lucy’s Lab Creamery is a brand new hole-in-the-wall on Kamakee Street, just down the road from McKinley High School and next to Harry’s Cafe. The bright blue, walls offer a visual escape from the Lab’s drab and dated neighbors. It’s almost as if Lucy’s Lab was plucked from either the hipster friendly Kakaako or the rejuvenated Kaimuki and dropped in the middle of nowhere.

The inspiration for Lucy’s comes from West Coast indie ice cream shops visited by owners Lee Wang and Vaneza Agustin. CREAM in Davis and Diddy Riese in Los Angeles come to my mind. Wang, a real estate agent, realized that there was nothing like those ice cream shops in Hawaii (though, let’s not forget about SCOOP in Kalihi, which opened around the same time last year, and longtime favorite, Bubbie’s in Moiliili). Hopefully, Lucy’s survives longer than SCOOP, which closed its doors a few weeks ago.


We checked out Lucy’s on a hot August Saturday, after having lunch at Taormina in Waikiki. Never mind the fact that I had just indulged on a fine serving of rich and creamy affogato. There’s always room for ice cream, right? Of course there is.

There was already a family of five in the Lab when we stepped inside, and it felt like we were wall-to-wall. It’s tight in there. On a crowded day, you might feel a bit claustrophobic while waiting for your ice cream.

We were eager to try the ice cream sandwiches, but were bummed to find out that they were sold out for the day. It was only 12:30pm. Oh well. I guess we’ll have to come back on another hot day to try the nutella on double fudge chocolate cake ice cream sandwich.




The menu is definitely imaginative. They feature flavors like the aforementioned Nutella, Earl Grey, and Fruit Loop Vodka. It’s an ice cream lab, so I wouldn’t expect anything less than weird and innovative from its flavors. Painted on one of the walls is a makeshift periodic table of ice cream filled with flavors that the Lab has invented thus far. I assume that the idea is to fill up that periodic table with wacky, yet tasty, ice cream flavors.






We ended up getting two single cones, one with bacon whisky and the other with honey lavender. Can you guess which flavor I chose? Bacon whisky, of course. I’ve got a soft spot for bacon. It’s tucked between that corner in my heart occupied by uni and hamachi. The bacon whisky was good. The sweet flavors of the whisky shined and the occasional bit of bacon added oomph. I wanted more oomph, though. More bacon, guys. Maybe even sprinkle some bacon bits on the top to provide that extra touch.




I had a taste of Michelle’s Honey Lavender. It reminded me, for some reason, of being at the spa. The lavender flavor is so intense (at least I thought so, Michelle, on the other hand, said it was fairly mild) that they could have easily named this one lavender poppourri.


I’ll definitely be stopping by for another scoop of ice cream at Lucy’s Lab Creamery. Plus, I’ve still got to try their extremely popular ice cream sandwiches and pan de creme.

Lucy’s Lab Creamery
435 Kamakee St
Ste 102
Honolulu, HI 96814